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Investments Dictionary

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The curvature of an option pricing function (as a function of the value of the underlying asset).
Geometric Average
The nth root of the product of n numbers. It is used to measure the compound rate of return over time.
Tendency toward a worldwide investment environment, and the integration of national capital markets.
Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
The governmental accounting standards board (GASB) defines the accounting and financial reporting requirements for governmental entities. GASB statement No. 25 defines the plan accounting and financial reporting for governmental pension plans, and GASB no. 27 defines the employer accounting and financial reporting for participating in governmental pension plan.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The market value of goods and services produced over time including the income of foreign corporations and foreign residents working in the United States, but excluding the income of U.S. residents and corporations overseas.

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