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Ready to Retire

A member considering retirement within the next two years should obtain an estimate of retirement benefits. This estimate can be helpful in determining post-retirement income. 

KRS provides benefits counseling and the retirement office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Eastern time. Appointments are required. 

If you are coming to KRS to discuss retiring, please submit Form 6000,  Notification of Retirement in advance.

Things to Consider

  • If you will be eligible for Social Security at the time of retirement, you may want to contact your local Social Security Administration office at least 90 days before the anticipated retirement date. Social Security benefits and requirements differ from those of KRS. 

  • If you will be eligible for Medicare at retirement, it is advisable to contact the Social Security office even earlier. Medicare-eligible retirees must present a copy of their Medicare card if they are applying for Medicare-eligible insurance coverage. 

  • If you are considering a service purchase, you should allow several months to obtain any documentation on the service. In almost every case, the service must be purchased prior to termination and while a contributing member. 

ATTN: School Board Employees

If you are retiring with an effective retirement date of June 1, your effective date of termination must be no later than May 31. If your contract requires you to work beyond that date you must either terminate prior to the conclusion of your contract or change your retirement date to July 1. Either scenario may have an impact on your final compensation. If you have questions regarding this issue please contact our office to speak with a benefits counselor.

When to File for Benefits 

About 45 to 60 days before your retirement date, you should complete the Form 6000, Notification of Retirement, and return it to KRS. You may file the Notification of Retirement up to six (6) months prior to your retirement date. Once you file, the beneficiary on your Notification of Retirement supersedes all previous designations. The estate of the recipient would become the beneficiary if both you and the beneficiary on your Notification of Retirement should die. 

EXCEPTION: If the Form 6000 is withdrawn, invalid, or voided, the prior beneficiary designation on file with KRS is reinstated until changed by the member.

Required Documents

Member's Date of Birth Verification

You must include either a copy of your birth certificate, driver's license, or passport with the form if you have not previously provided a copy to the KRS office. Please contact us for other acceptable forms of verification.

Beneficiary's Birth Certificate

A copy of the birth certificate or driver's license is also required if you name a person as beneficiary. 

Section H - Employer Certification

Your employer must complete the employer certification (Section H) of Form 6000 in order for KRS to include future salary, service, and sick and compensatory leave balances in your estimated retirement allowance.

Additional Forms to Complete

After receiving the Form 6000, if you elect to receive a monthly benefit, you should complete and return:

  • Form 6010, Estimated Retirement Allowance

Things to remember for Form 6010:

  • This form is not available on the website, it is mailed to the individual member once the Form 6000 is complete. 

  • You must select one payment option, then sign and date the Form 6010. 

  • There is a space for a spouse to sign if you are married. 

  • The Form 6010 must be signed by a witness. Your spouse’s signature may serve as the witness signature. 

  • Insurance Application – if you are eligible for insurance benefits, the Form 6200 - Insurance Application  is required if you wish to waive coverage or if you wish to enroll in KRS Health Insurance.

If you will be receiving a monthly payment, you may be eligible for health insurance coverage for you, your spouse and eligible dependents. The insurance application is not required in order to process your retirement benefit. However, you are responsible for timely filing of your Form 6200, insurance application, if you wish to obtain insurance coverage. Marriage and divorce are also Qualifying Events for the purposes of health insurance.

KRS will automatically enroll you in a KRS health insurance plan if you fail to submit the Form 6200 either waiving coverage or selecting coverage.

Learn more about Qualifying Events

Learn more about our Pre-Retirement Education Program

Name Change

If you change your name, you must submit a copy of your new Social Security card, Medicare card, a marriage certificate, or a divorce decree along with a written request to change your name. 

Return the completed forms and any required documents to KRS. 

Actuarial or Lump Sum Refund

If you elect to receive an actuarial or lump sum refund, complete and return the following:

We require additional verification from your employer before we can process a refund which may delay your check. Retirement refunds are paid through a different timeline than the monthly checks and will not be issued prior to 45 days after termination.

All forms and required documentation must be filed with our office by the last day of the month prior to your effective retirement date.

Failure to Submit Form and Materials

Failure to submit forms and materials will result in a delay in receiving benefits, including health insurance coverage. If KRS does not receive a valid health insurance application prior to or within the first month of your retirement, you will be automatically placed in the default health plan single coverage and won’t be able to change until the next open enrollment or you experience a qualifying event

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