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Board Committees

Committees serve particular, distinct functions on behalf of the County Employees Retirement System (CERS) and Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS). KRS oversees the Kentucky Employees Retirement System (KERS) and the State Police Retirement System (SPRS).

For more information about CERS and KRS, visit the About page.

For links to committee meeting agendas, materials, minutes, and archived videos of committee meetings, visit the Meeting Calendar page.

See below for committee descriptions and links to individual committee pages.

Note: The various boards and committees of KPPA, CERS, and KRS are taking shape during this transition period. Once they are set, we will fully update all trustee, board and committee pages, along with trustee biographies.

Administrative Appeals and Disability Appeals Committees

Consistent with the provisions of Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 13B, two Administrative Appeals Committees and two Disability Appeals Committees meet to act in matters of administrative appeals. The Committees ensure that the retirement laws are administered impartially and uniformly, that the actions of the retirement system resulting in an appeal were correct and fair under the applicable statutes and regulations, and that all members who apply for disability retirement benefits – and who qualify under the applicable statutes, are approved for benefits.

Visit the AAC/DAC page.

Audit Committee

The Joint CERS-KRS Audit Committee acts on behalf of the CERS and KRS Boards of Trustees in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting processes, and the processes for monitoring compliance with laws, regulations, and the code of conduct.

Visit the Audit Committee page.

Investment Committees

The separate Investment Committees for the County Employees Retirement System (CERS) and Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) act on behalf of their respective Boards of Trustees on investment related matters to assure the prudent investment of the Systems' assets to achieve the long-term funding goals established in the Boards' Statements of Investment Policy.

Visit the CERS Investment Committee page.

Visit the KRS Investment Committee page.

Retiree Health Plan Committee

The Joint CERS-KRS Retiree Health Plan Committee assists the Boards of Trustees in providing group hospital and medical insurance plans for present and future recipients of retirement allowances from the County Employees Retirement System, the Kentucky Employees Retirement System, and the State Police Retirement System, as required by Kentucky Revised Statutes 61.702.

Visit the Retiree Health Plan Committee page.

CERS Finance Committee

The CERS Finance Committee acts on behalf of the CERS Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control, the internal and external audit processes, and the process for monitoring compliance with laws, regulations, and the applicable codes of conduct. The Committee has the authority to review reports by the KPPA Internal Audit Administration and to recommend appropriate policies and procedures to KPPA, review interim financial reports and budget-to-actual comparisons for administrative budgets, request internal audits to analyze specific issues relevant to CERS plan management, and review the CERS biennial administrative budget and necessary budget amendments.

Visit the CERS Finance Committee page.

Actuarial Subcommittees

The Actuarial Subcommittees are subcommittees of the CERS and KRS Investment Committees. They meet as necessary upon the call of the Chairs of the Subcommittees. Their purpose is to review and evaluate actuarial assumptions, funding methods, and tables proposed by the actuary for each system. The Subcommittees report their findings and recommendations to their respective Investment Committees and, upon review and approval, the Investment Committees forward their recommendations to the full CERS and KRS Boards of Trustees for ratification. 

Visit the Actuarial Subcommittees page.

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