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2019 SPRS Election


Keith Peercy elected as SPRS representative for KRS Board of Trustees

Peercy 5X7.jpg


 Keith Peercy

View Mr. Peercy's Application


Eligibility Requirements for SPRS Trustee: 

Applicants must be an active, inactive, or retired member of SPRS. Applicants cannot be current or former employees of Kentucky Retirement Systems and cannot hold an office or position that is constitutionally incompatible with the position of Trustee. A person who has served three consecutive terms on the Board is ineligible to apply unless there has been at least four years since his or her last term ended.


Kristen Coffey, Division of Internal Audit
Kentucky Retirement Systems
1260 Louisville Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Email: Kristen Coffey

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