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The KHRIS team supports employers included on the Personnel Cabinet’s monthly retirement file. KRS assigns all KHRIS employers a five-digit numeric employer code.

Reporting Official Training

KHRIS Reporting Official training was held in Frankfort on May 17th. View the training presentation

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KHRIS Team Manager - Blaine Walker


Call: 502-696-8466

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ERCE Search Listing
Employer CodeEmployer NameERCE RepresentativePhoneTeam
J734ACCESS TO JUSTICE FOUNDATIONBrittney Williams(502) 696-8578File/Web
L001ADAIR COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICESarah Kimes(502) 696-8584File/Web
W001ADAIR COUNTY ATTORNEYSarah Kimes(502) 696-8584File/Web
J001ADAIR COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATIONMelinda Wofford(502) 696-8576School Board

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