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The School Board team supports all county and independent school boards.

End of Year Reports

The end of the 2019/2020 fiscal year is here and KRS is prepared to receive your End of Year reports. We use the information from the End of Year report to average and determine the service credit for school board employees.

2020 has been a unique year with the early closure of schools due to COVID-19. Due to this situation, legislation created Senate Bill 177. This bill mandated that local board of education allow emergency leave to full-time or part-time classified employees if it is in relation to the COVID-19 public health emergency. This emergency leave will count towards the number of days worked during the school year for determining service credit. Due to the emergency clause in the bill, this Act was made retroactively effective to March 6, 2020 as of 3/24/2020, the date Governor Beshear signed it into law.

Kentucky Retirement Systems published the End of Year templates on June 24th. The employer must upload the MUNIS-generated End of Year file and submit it to KRS no later than July 20th. ERCE has provided an End of Year Reporting guide located in our employer publications, to assist with uploading the report.

Training Videos

In 2018, Reporting Official training was offered for our school board employers. Click the link below to access each training topic. 

Employer Self Service Overview

Monthly Reporting: File Reporters – Upload Detail File

Monthly Reporting: Web Reporters – Enter Report Detail

In 2019 the Divisions of Member Services and Employer Reporting, Compliance & Education partnered to offer Reporting Official training with the Pre-Retirement Education Program (PREP). 

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