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Employer newsletters are emailed to the Primary Reporting Official for each agency to provide notice of legislative and policy changes, training opportunities and online resources.

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12/20/2018 Special Session and Contribution Rates
12/18/2018 Special Session Announced
12/13/2018 Pension Reform Update
11/29/2018 Retired Reemployed Reporting
7/25/2018 Training Schedule, New Form & System Maintenance
7/11/2018 End of Year Reporting
6/21/2018 Court Ruling and Training Registration
5/10/2018 KERS Rates, Training Registration and GASB
5/1/2018 Employer Rates, Process Change and Training
4/20/2018 Legislative Update, Training and More
4/11/2018 Legislative Update and School Board Notice
3/30/2018 Pension Reform Bill Passed
3/1/2018 Invoice and Adjustments Update
2/21/2018 Pension Reform Bill Introduced
2/6/2018 System Maintenance, Training Resources & More
1/11/2018 Legislative Session, Webinar Schedule & More
12/12/2017 KERS & SPRS Contribution Rates
12/11/2017 CERS Contribution Rates
11/14/2017 Staff Changes and Reporting Deadline
10/12/2017 Training Opportunities and Reporting Updates
9/1/2017 Pension Reform Update
8/25/2017 2016-2017 End of Year Reports
8/18/2017 Pension Reform, Staff Updates and Reporting News
8/4/2017 Governor's Pension Plan
8/2/2017 Online Adjustments Temporarily Suspended
7/17/2017 Fiscal Year End and Legislative Changes
7/5/2017 Visist the Redesigned KRS website
6/30/2017 End of Year (EOY) Reporting Information
6/14/2017 Inside Reporting
4/13/2017 KERS/SPRS Employer Contribution Rates 2017-2018
4/13/2017 CERS Employer Contribution Rates 2017-2018
2/14/2017 PREP 2017 MEMO for Employers

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