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New Hires​

Members must know their participation date and benefit tier to understand their KRS retirement and insurance benefits. Once a new employee has been reported by an employer, and contributions have posted to the employee’s account, KRS mails a Member Welcome letter,  a Form 2035, Beneficiary Designation, and a KRS Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

New members should complete and submit Form 2035 to KRS. If there is not a valid Form 2035 on file, the member's estate is the default beneficiary.

KRS encourages all members to register and use our Member Self Service website. Members can provide KRS with an email address, request an Account Balance letter, view Annual Statements, and calculate retirement estimates and costs to purchase eligible service.

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Active Employees

Active employees should periodically review their online account. Every year (usually in August) an Annual Statement is created providing members with a snapshot of their account each year as of June 30th. Employees should review their Annual Statement online and verify the designated beneficiary for their retirement account is current. Beneficiary changes can be made at any time prior to retirement by submitting a new Form 2035 to our office.

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Outreach Requests

To request member education for your employees, please complete the Outreach Requests email form. Request Member Outreach

Retiring Members

A member considering retirement within the next two years should obtain an estimate of retirement benefits. Estimates are available online using our Member Self Service website. KRS also provides benefits counseling. The retirement office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Eastern time. Appointments are required. Contact KRS
About 45 to 60 days before their retirement date, members should complete the Form 6000, Notification of Retirement, and return it to KRS.  Members may file the Notification of Retirement up to six months prior to their retirement date.

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Employer Resources

Employers are encouraged to direct members to our Member Self Service website to review their account and calculate benefit estimates. Members can also contact KRS to speak to a benefits counselor about their retirement account. Contact KRS

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