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Retiree Self Service

Sometimes you need to access information about your pension benefit quickly. Our self-service site allows you to effectively manage your account online and access your benefit details 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

With our Retiree Self Service feature, our retirees can update their email address, change tax withholdings, view their 1099-R... even submit a Health Insurance Application during Open Enrollment.  Please see below for more detail about these and other features.

Interested?  Of course you are!  Here's how to get started:

How to Register for Self Service:

1.  Go to

This is the direct link to your Self Service account.  You can also login from 

2.  Connect to Your Account

Click the "Need to Register?" link just below the login button.  To register, you will enter your Social Security number, date of birth, a valid email address, and KRS-issued Personal Identification Number (PIN) so we can identify your account.  Your PIN can be found on an Annual Statement issued prior to 2012.  If you can't find your PIN, please either call our office to request a new one be mailed to you, or use the link to create a new PIN on Step 2 of the registration process.

3.  Create Login Information

We will ask you to create a User ID and Password, which you will use each time you login to your account.  For additional security, you will answer a secret question.  This answer will be used if you need to reset your User ID or Password.

When the setup steps are complete you are ready to manage your retirement account online!

The creation of a unique username and a "strong" password is a difficult task at first. To assist users, we have created an instruction sheet that can help you with this process.

How to Register for Member Self Service Video:

Visit our KRS YouTube Page:

Don't forget to subscribe to Kentucky Retirement Systems' Official YouTube channel while you are there.

Need Help?

Our Self Service site allows you to effectively manage your retirement account online, displaying your account information from October 2009 forward. If you need prior account information, please contact our office at 502-696-8800 or 1-800-696-8822.  You may also open or download the Retiree Self Service Handbook for assistance with navigating the Retiree Self Service site.

Retiree Self Service Features:

Here are some of the things you can do after registering for Retiree Self Service:

  • Update your contact information

It is important that you keep your contact information current. This ensures that you receive important notices and correspondence, and that our office is able to contact you should the need arise. You can view and change your contact information at any time and manage where we send your mail using our Self Service site.

You can update your address online rather than submitting a Form to our office. If you plan to vacation for a few months, login and route your KRS mail to an alternate address. We can also set up your account so your mail is sent to an alternate address on a recurring basis. Please contact KRS if you are interested in this option.

  • Review your account summary

Your account summary provides a snapshot of your retirement benefit information, such as your retirement option, monthly benefit amount, and beneficiary information. This is an easy way to review your KRS account details online.

  • Follow up on correspondence

You can check the status of a Form or any other document you have submitted to our office and view a list of recent correspondence that our office has sent to you. Please read your KRS mail so you don’t miss any important updates or notices. You can also access Forms when you login to the Self Service site.

Please note that KRS Forms have a barcode that our office uses to file the Form to your account. Please do not copy Forms you receive from our office for other retirees. This may cause their Forms to be filed to your account.

  • View and update your direct deposit information

You can view and update your direct deposit information online. Please be aware changing the account to which your benefit is deposited is payroll dependent and should be verified by speaking with a retirement systems counselor. You will receive a check stub whenever the amount of your direct deposit changes.

  • Request income verification

Do you need to provide proof of your retirement income? You can submit your request online and KRS will mail or email an income verification letter. You may also request income verification be sent to a third party.

  • Review tax information

Check stub information and 1099-Rs will be available online as soon as they have been processed, offering a preview of your payment, deductions and tax information. You can also get an estimate of your tax withholding before submitting any changes to your tax withholding information online.

  • Enroll for Health Insurance during Open Enrollment

During Open Enrollment periods, members can change coverage levels or dependents on their Health Insurance plans using the Health Insurance module.  This module is available only during Open Enrollment.  If you have a qualifying event, you should contact the retirement office. 

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