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David L. Eager

Executive Director

Rebecca Adkins

Deputy Executive Director

Michael W. Board

Executive Director, Office of Legal Services

Erin Surratt

Executive Director, Office of Benefits

Steven Herbert

Executive Director, Office of Investments, Chief Investment Officer

Anthony Chiu

Director, Private Equity and Alternative Assets

Kristen Coffey

Internal Audit

Wes Crosthwaite

Quality Assurance

Connie Davis


Kevin Gaines

Membership Support

Joe Gilbert IV

Public Equity Assets

Dominique McKinley

Enterprise and Technology Services

Shauna Miller

Member Services

Stephanie Aldridge

Director, Retiree Services

Steve Willer

Deputy Executive Director, Office of Investments

Connie Pettyjohn

Retiree Health Care

Marlane Robinson

Human Resources

Shawn Sparks


D'Juan Surratt

Employer Reporting, Compliance and Education

Liza Welch

Disability and Survivor Benefits

Jared Crawford

Investment Research Analyst, Office of Investments

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