Investment Team

Rich Robben, CFA 
Interim Executive Director, Office of Investments, Fixed Income Assets
Rich Robben.png

The Interim Executive Director provides general direction to the fixed income, equity and alternative asset divisions and serves as the primary adviser to the Investment Committee. Mr. Robben also assists in developing policies and procedures to safeguard the systems' assets.

Investment Committee​ 

The Investment Committee meets at least each quarter to review the work of the investments team and external money managers. The Committee presents a quarterly report to the Board of Trustees laying out investment performance, compliance reports and any recommendations for the KRS portfolio.


The Board employs industry-leading external consultants to assist in determining and reviewing the asset allocation guidelines and the performance of both the internally and externally managed assets.



Joe Gilbert IV, CAIA 
Public Equity Assets
Joe is responsible for the general oversight and evaluation of all domestic and international equity investments, as well as internally managed portfolios.

Rich Robben, CFA 
Interim Executive Director, Office of Investments, Fixed Income Assets
Rich is responsible for the general oversight and evaluation of all external fixed income managers in the core, global and high yield sectors, as well as internally managed portfolios. 
Andy Kiehl
Real Estate and Real Return Assets
Andy is responsible for the general oversight and evaluation of the real estate and real return assets portfolio. The portfolio may use unique investment structures and/or utilize both public and private securities.
In addition, three staffers are also members of the CFA Institute and must annually certify that they will abide by the CFA Code of Ethics because of their industry designations.

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