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Keith Peercy

Chair - KPPA
Chair - KRS Board of Trustees
Member - KRS Investment Committee
Member - KRS Actuarial Subcommittee
Member - AAC/DAC

Elected by State Police Retirement System members – Term Expires March 31, 2023


Keith Peercy is the current Chair of the KRS Board of Trustees and has served as the Board's elected representative from the State Police Retirement System (SPRS) since March 2015. As Chair, he also serves on the KPPA Board of Trustees.

Lieutenant Colonel Peercy retired from the Kentucky State Police as the Director of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division after serving as a Kentucky State Trooper for over 20 years. Prior to leading the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, Lieutenant Colonel Peercy spent four years as the Chief Information Officer of the State Police Technical Services Division. Earlier in his career he worked in the Computer Technologies; Criminal ID and Records; and the Financial Grants and Management Branches of the Kentucky State Police.

Lieutenant Colonel Peercy studied at Eastern Kentucky University and Somerset Community College, and holds an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Criminal Justice.

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