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Legislative Updates

Part I of the 2021 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly convened on January 5, 2021. This will be a 30-day Session per Section 46 of the Kentucky Constitution. The Session is currently scheduled to adjourn Sine Die on March 30.

Retirement and pension-themed legislation is updated on the Legislative Research Commission website each legislative day. Legislation of particular significance will be highlighted on this page, and we will inform you of any changes that become law.

Daily Legislative Update: Day 30 Sine Die

March 30, 2021

The Kentucky General Assembly adjourned the 2021 Regular Session Sine Die (Latin for "without a day") on Tuesday evening, March 30. One bill on the Daily Tracking List, House Bill 261 (Fraud against the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority) passed and was delivered to the Governor on March 30. The Governor has ten (10) days, excluding Sundays, to consider bills, so it may be a few more days before we know the final status of this bill.

We will soon be issuing a spring Member Newsletter that will have an article summarizing key bills and resolutions passed during the Session. In the meantime, here is a look at pertinent legislative action from the final day of the 2021 Session: 

In addition to House Bill 261 mentioned above, four Senate Resolutions we have been tracking on the Daily List were unanimously adopted 38-0 on March 30. Senate Resolution 205 (Confirm appointment of George Carlisle Cheatham II to CERS Board of Trustees); Senate Resolution 206 (Confirm appointment of William Thomas O'Mara to CERS Board of Trustees); Senate Resolution 207 (Confirm appointment of James Michael Foster to KRS Board of Trustees); and Senate Resolution 209 (Confirm appointment of Merl M. Hackbart to CERS Board of Trustees) only required Senate confirmation and did not need to be adopted in the House. Gubernatorial appointments to the various boards require Senate approval. 

Also on the Daily List, House Bill 192 (State Executive Branch budget bill) was enrolled, signed by the presiding officer in each chamber, and was delivered to the Secretary of State. You may recall that the Governor line item vetoed several parts of this bill, with most of those vetoes overridden on March 29. The new one-year budget takes effect on July 1, 2021. 

On the Other Retirement-Related Legislation List, House Bill 113, House Bill 258, House Bill 312, and House Bill 405 all saw movement on Legislative Day 30. 


  1. Later this April we will issue a spring Member Newsletter that will summarize the retirement-related legislative action from the 2021 Session. A link to the newsletter will be posted on this page when it is issued.
  2. Please continue to follow our social media outlets for the latest KPPA updates.
  3. Unless the Governor calls a special session later this year, the General Assembly will not convene again until January 4, 2022.

Finally, thank you for reading these daily updates for the past four months. We hope you have enjoyed following the legislative action along with us, and that you will join us again next Session.

Legislation Status Chart

If you’re interested in the legislative process you can always watch committee meetings and the proceedings of both chambers live on KET whenever the General Assembly is in session.

Please be advised that these legislative summaries are intended for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice regarding the legislative meaning, purpose, intent, application or administration of a particular statutory change.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the impact of a particular piece of legislation, please contact the Legislative Research Commission or a qualified attorney. If you have questions regarding your Kentucky Public Pensions Authority benefits, please contact us through our webpage at or by telephone at (800) 928-4646.

Public Pension Oversight Board Materials

The Public Pension Oversight Board assists the General Assembly with its review, analysis, and oversight of the administration, benefits, investments, funding, laws and administrative regulations, and legislation pertaining to the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority.

Find additional PPOB meeting materials on LRC's Public Pension Oversight Board page.

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