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Legislative Updates

Legislative Update: Day 28 & 29 (March 13 & 14, 2019)

Today's update includes action from Wednesday and Thursday, Legislative Days 28 and 29.  

The General Assembly wrapped up a very busy day late last night and has adjourned until Thursday, March 28.  Several bills on our tracking lists, including House Bill 80 (the Systems' Housekeeping bill) were delivered to the Governor for his consideration yesterday.

Now the Veto Recess begins and will last until Tuesday, March 26.   The Veto Recess is a 10-day period, excluding Sundays, when the Governor has the opportunity to review legislation that has made it through the process and landed on his desk.  Section 88 of the Kentucky Constitution describes the Veto process:

There are three Veto actions that a Governor can take during the recess:

  1. He can sign a bill to show his approval.  If a bill has an "Emergency" clause it becomes effective immediately, or at a date specified in the bill: otherwise, it becomes effective 90 days after the Session adjourns Sine Die.
  1. He can allow a bill to become law without a signature, or 
  1. He can Veto (Latin for "I forbid") the bill.  This is the Governor's formal rejection of a bill proposed by the General Assembly.  The Governor has line-item veto power over appropriations bills, but for all other legislation it's an "all or nothing" proposition: all provisions of the bill must be vetoed.

We added some bills to the Daily List today because they picked up amendments that would have an impact on KRS.  Action on the Daily List includes:

  1. Senate Bill 41 was added to the tracking list because House Floor Amendment (1) was attached to this bill yesterday.  HFA (1) sets the employer rate for FY 2019-20 for certain KERS groups at 49.47%.  The amended bill passed the full House 93-0 and was sent back to the Senate.
  1. Senate Bill 98 was also added to the list because it picked up House Floor Amendment (3), which would have increased the pension income tax exclusion from $31,110 to $41,110.  However, the amendments did not pass, so the bill does not contain this provision.  It was added to the tracking list for informational purposes only.
  1. Senate Bill 162 (Kentucky State Police school resource officer) saw floor amendment (1) filed to the Committee Substitute yesterday.  The bill, with Committee Substitute (1), floor amendment (1), and committee amendment (1- title), passed the full House 77-14 yesterday and was sent to the Senate;
  1. Senate Resolution 206 (Confirm reappointment of John Chilton to KRS Board of Trustees for term expiring 6-17-22) and Senate Resolution 207 (Confirm reappointment of David Harris to KRS Board of Trustees for term expiring 6-17-22) were both introduced in the Senate yesterday.  Gubernatorial appointees to the KRS Board of Trustees require Senate approval.
  1. House Bill 55 (Void retirement of elected official who retires and is elected to the same office within 12 months of retiring) passed the full Senate 37-0 and was delivered to the Governor;
  1. House Bill 58 (Increase the pension income exclusion from $31,110 to $41,110; retroactive to January 1, 2018; EMERGENCY) passed the full House 94-0 and was sent to the Senate, which assigned the bill to the Senate Appropriations and Revenue committee;
  1. House Bill 80 (KRS housekeeping bill) passed the full Senate 36-1 and was delivered to the Governor;
  1. House Bill 268 removed the provision that applied to KRS during the Free Conference Committee meeting.  The Free Conference Committee Report (FCCR), minus the provision that applied to KRS, passed the Senate 36-0 and the House 76-20 and was delivered to the Governor.  This bill no longer pertains to KRS.
  1. House Bill 358 (Voluntary cessation of postsecondary institutions; EMERGENCY) passed the full Senate 25-12 with Committee Substitute (1) on March 13, but the House refused to concur (agree) with the Committee Substitute.  The bill was sent back to the Senate;
  1. House Bill 381 (Employment of retired police officers at postsecondary institutions) passed the full Senate 37-0 and was delivered to the Governor;
  1. House Bill 419 (Retired reemployed) passed the full Senate 36-1 and was delivered to the Governor; and
  1. House Bill 489 (KRS Governance RE: investments) passed the full Senate 33-4 with Committee Substitute (1) and committee amendment (1).  The House concurred with the Committee Substitute and committee amendment and passed the bill 73-15.  The bill was then delivered to the Governor.

On the Other List, Senate Bill 107, SB 114, SB 230, House Bill 4, HB 392, and HB 396 all saw movement.

We will update the Legislative Updates webpage if anything occurs during the Veto Recess: otherwise, we will resume the daily tracking reports when the General Assembly reconvenes on March 28.

Daily Update 3-13-19, 3-14-19

Legislation Status Chart 3-13-19, 3-14-19

Other Retirement-Related Legislation 3-13-19, 3-14-19

Legislative Session Overview 

The 2019 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly began on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 and is currently scheduled to adjourn Sine Die on Friday, March 28, 2019.

During legislative sessions, Kentucky Retirement Systems tracks proposed legislation of importance to the Systems and its members as the legislation moves through the process.  We also assist legislators, government officials and other stakeholders by providing information on KRS-administered benefit programs and addressing constituent inquiries throughout the year.

This page will be updated regularly throughout the Session to keep you informed about important legislative actions. 

Please be advised that these legislative summaries are intended for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice regarding the legislative meaning, purpose, intent, application or administration of a particular statutory change.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the impact of a particular piece of legislation, please contact the Legislative Research Commission or a qualified attorney. If you have questions regarding your Kentucky Retirement Systems benefits, please contact the Retirement Systems through our webpage at or by telephone at (800) 928-4646.

How to Use the Daily Legislative Tracking Lists

On days when the General Assembly is in Regular Session, Kentucky Retirement Systems creates three (3) documents that monitor legislation of particular importance to the Systems. 

  1. The first document is called the "Daily Legislative Update" that lists bills with a direct potential impact on the Systems.

  1. The second document is the "2019 Legislation Status Chart."  This chart is designed to give an overall view of a particular bill's progress, but will not contain the specific details of the Daily Legislative Update document.

  1. The third document is called "Other Retirement-Related Legislation" that highlights legislation that may have an indirect effect on the Systems. 

When a bill has seen action during the day, the action will be highlighted on the list with bold red font.  You can read the bill in its entirety on the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) website.

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