Benefits After Death

What is required

The beneficiary or estate is required to submit a death certificate for the member listing the cause of death. If death occurred after the effective retirement date, the former employer is not required to submit any information. An audit of the deceased member’s account will be performed once the death is reported to KRS. The beneficiary of the account will be notified by mail. Please note that a completed beneficiary designation must be on file with KRS in Frankfort prior to the member’s death to be valid. A copy received after the member’s death is not acceptable.
A beneficiary's monthly payment must be deposited directly to a financial institution; as a result, the beneficiary must complete Form 6130, Authorization for Deposit of Retirement Benefit, to have the payment deposited. If the beneficiary does not have an account with a financial institution or the financial institution does not participate in the Automated Clearing House (ACH), the beneficiary must complete a Form 6135, Request for Payment by Check. The retirement benefit will not be processed until the appropriate forms are filed with KRS.

Death of a beneficiary

Please advise the retirement office upon the death of the beneficiary named for your monthly benefits or for your $5,000 death benefit. You cannot name a new beneficiary for your monthly benefits, but you may name a new beneficiary for the $5,000 death benefit at any time after retirement by completing a new Form 6030, Death Benefit Designation. Also, the amount of your benefit may change if you selected the Pop-Up option at the time of retirement.
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