Your Member ID

KRS has created a unique account number for all members known as a Member ID. Your Member ID is your KRS account number and is only valid when you are doing business with our office.

How does KRS use my Member ID?

We use your Member ID to maintain your account and file information you submit to our office. Your Member ID is the identifying number on KRS forms and letters you receive from our office. When calling to discuss your account information, you will need to provide your Member ID and PIN.

How can I get my Member ID?

You will see your Member ID printed on letters and forms you receive from our office. When you login to our self service site, your Member ID will be the first item displayed on each page under your benefit account information. Member IDs will also be on your check or EFT stubs.

Do I still need my KRS PIN?

Your four-digit PIN provides an added layer of security when you interact with KRS, whether online or over the phone. You will need your PIN to fully utilize our self service website and authorize changes to your account information online. We will ask for your PIN before discussing account information with you over the phone. Our Call Center counselors can help you obtain a new PIN, which will be mailed to the address you have on file at KRS. You can reach our call center at 1-502-696-8800(Frankfort) or 1-800-928-4646(Toll Free).