Open Enrollment 2014


Non- Medicare - Active/Mandatory Open Enrollment — October 1 - 31, 2013

Everyone who is on a non-Medicare plan must elect a new health insurance plan option or waive coverage. Anyone who currently has non-Medicare coverage through KRS and does not actively make an election or waive coverage by October 31, will be automatically enrolled in the Standard CDHP plan option, with the level of coverage (Single, Parent Plus, Couple, Family) the retiree had in 2013. Anyone who currently waives coverage will continue to be waived in 2014.

Medicare-Eligible - Passive Enrollment - October 23 - November 29, 2013

The Open Enrollment period for those on a Medicare-eligible plan will run from October 23 through November 29. This is a passive enrollment. Retirees and beneficiaries on a KRS Medicare-eligible plan need to complete an application only if they wish to change coverage for 2014.

Looking for Additional Information?

Additional information about Humana Medicare Eligible Plans may be found on Humana's Additional Information page for KRS.