Medicare Eligibility

2010 Healthcare Law

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services provides online resources which outline key features of the Affordable Care Act and how the law affects you. Log on to or call 1-800-MEDICARE to get answers about Medicare or the Affordable Care Act.

Qualifying for Medicare

If you or your eligible dependents become eligible for Medicare due to age or disability, you should contact the retirement office for information concerning health insurance options. The Medicare eligible individual and other covered individuals may be required to complete new applications. Anyone covered by a Medicare eligible plan through the retirement office should obtain both Parts A and B of Medicare through the Social Security Administration in order to have full medical insurance coverage. As soon as you know that you or an eligible dependent will become Medicare eligible, contact the retirement office to discuss your insurance options.

Part-D Prescription Drug Appeal

 If you have questions regarding an appeal for a Part D Prescription, please contact Humana.

Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse

Any member of the public, KRS staff, or government employee may send an anonymous email to our Internal Auditor. Please call our office at 502-696-8856 to report insurance fraud, waste and abuse to our Division of Retiree Health Care. Your report message is completely anonymous unless you choose to provide contact information. While email messages are anonymous, please leave sufficient details so we may follow up with the appropriate agencies effectively. If you email KRS, please do not include any sensitive information, like your social security number or pin number.

Go to Humana Medicare Eligible Plan Information

You can find more about the Humana plans offered to KRS Medicare-eligible recipients on Humana's KRS page.