Making Changes

You may add or drop dependents outside of open enrollment only if you experience certain qualifying events. If you experience a qualifying event, it will be necessary to complete and return the proper form or a new application to the retirement office within the prescribed time period following the qualifying event. Contact the retirement office for the appropriate form in order to add or drop a dependent covered by your insurance.
If you move out of state, you may be eligible to participate in the Medical Insurance Reimbursement Plan. Through the Medical Insurance Reimbursement Plan the member, who is eligible for an insurance contribution from KRS, may obtain other health insurance coverage and apply for reimbursement of the eligible out-of-pocket premiums paid.
The maximum reimbursement amount cannot exceed the contribution KRS would otherwise contribute on behalf of the member if he or she participated in the Kentucky Employees Health Plan. The reimbursement rate will be reduced by the amount an employer or agency contributes, if any, toward the member’s medical insurance premium.