2014 Non-Medicare Plan Premiums

At a special meeting held on September 11, 2013, the KRS Board of Trustees approved the contribution plan and the contribution rates for the non-Medicare KRS retiree health plans. The board chose the KEHP LivingWell PPO plan as the contribution plan with a maximum contribution rate of $699.28 for those retirees with 240 or more months of service. 

The information on this page will help guide you in making a sound decision on what your insurance premium will cost you in 2014.

Tobacco User Fees

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is committed to fostering and promoting wellness and health in the workforce. As a part of the KEHP wellness program, KEHP provides a monthly discount in premium contribution rates for non-tobacco users. You are eligible for the non-tobacco user premium contribution rates provided you certify that you or any other person to be covered under your plan has not regularly used tobacco within the past six months.
  • "Regularly" means tobacco has been used four or more times per week on average excluding religious or ceremonial use.
  • "Tobacco” means all tobacco products including, but not limited to, cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, dip, and any other tobacco products regardless of the frequency or method of use.
  • "Dependent” means, for the purpose of the Tobacco Use Declaration, only those dependents who are 18 years of age or older.
If you have regularly used tobacco within the past six months, you are not eligible for the monthly premium discount.  For those with single coverage, the discount is $40.00 per month.  For those with any dependent coverage (Parent Plus, Couple, Family), even if only one person uses tobacco, the discount is $80.00.  You should add either $40.00 or $80.00 to the premium amounts for your level of coverage.

The amounts that KRS pays are based on retirees who participated prior to July 1, 2003. If you began participating on or after July 1, 2003, you should contact KRS to determine how much will be paid toward your insurance premiums by KRS.

NOTICE: Non-Hazardous Retirees who elect the Standard PPO, Standard CDHP, or LivingWell CDHP with a coverage level of Parent Plus, Couple, Family or Family Cross Reference – The Maximum Contribution allowed for the Standard PPO is $656.28, the Maximum Contribution allowed for the Standard CDHP is $641.50, and the Maximum Contribution allowed for the LivingWell CDHP is $670.62.
Kentucky Revised Statute 61.702(4)(b) only authorizes Kentucky Retirement Systems to pay amounts towards a retiree’s spouse or dependent child coverage if that member is retired with hazardous service. Because of this statutory limitation, KRS is required to cap the contribution amount for nonhazardous retirees so that the KRS contribution is not applied to any portion of the member’s spouse or dependent coverage. As a result, nonhazardous retirees electing the Standard PPO, Standard CDHP, or the LivingWell CDHP with a coverage level of parent plus, couple, family, or family cross-reference will be capped at the maximum single contribution rate for the plan they elect. The maximum contribution allowed for the Standard PPO is $656.28, the maximum contribution allowed for the Standard CDHP is $641.50, and the maximum contribution allowed for the LivingWell CDHP is $670.62.

Table One - 2014 Plan Premiums

Plan NameSingleParent PlusCoupleFamilyFamily X-Ref*
Living Well CDHP$670.62$926.50$1,253.88$1,400.20$774.74
Living Well PPO$699.28$995.94$1,528.34$1,701.04$841.34
Standard PPO$656.28$934.70$1,434.36$1,596.42$789.60
Standard CDHP$641.50$913.66$1,402.06$1,560.48$771.82

Table Two - Amount KRS Pays toward Coverage

Months of ServiceContribution % Paid by KRSAmount Paid by KRS
240 or more100 %$699.28

Table Three - Amount KRS Pays for Dependent Coverage - Hazardous Duty only**

Months of Hazardous ServiceAmount KRS Pays toward Parent PlusAmount KRS Pays toward Couple PlanAmount KRS Pays toward Family PlanAmount KRS Pays toward Family X-Ref***
240 or more$296.66$829.06$1,001.76$983.40
less than 48$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00

Table Four - Tobacco Status - Select one, based on the last six months****

Applicant's Tobacco StatusValue
Non-tobacco User$0.00
Retiree who uses tobacco and selects Single coverage$40.00
Retiree or Beneficiary who uses tobacco, selects Parent Plus, Couple, or Family coverage$80.00
NOTICE: Regardless of the amount of service, type of service, or plan chosen, the member will pay the fee of $40.00 for a single plan and $80.00 for a Parent Plus, Couple, or Family Plan based on the Tobacco Status in Table Four.
*Contact spouse's Insurance Coordinator for information on spouse's portion of premium.
**The amounts in table three are paid in addition to the amounts in table two, based on overall service and hazardous service earned by retiree.
***If you have at least 48 months of hazardous service, the cross-reference option is selected, and the retiree has a surplus of contributions to cover the retiree's portion of the premium, the surplus will be applied to the spouse's portion of the premium.
****Add the value in table four based on your tobacco usage to the overall cost of your premium in table one.