2014 Medicare-Eligible Plan Premiums

At a special meeting held on September 11, 2013, the KRS Board of Trustees approved the contribution plan and the contribution rates for the Medicare-eligible KRS retiree health plans. The board chose to keep the KRS Premium plan as the contribution plan with a maximum contribution rate of $212.39 for those retirees with 240 or more months of service.
The information on this page will help guide you in making a sound decision on what your insurance premium will cost you in 2014.  The amounts that KRS pays are based on retirees who participated prior to July1, 2003.  If you began participating employment on or after July 1, 2003, you should contact KRS to determine how much will be paid toward your insurance premiums by KRS.
Note: The Humana Medicare Employer PPO plans (Essential, Premium) are Medicare Advantage plans. You must have Medicare Parts A and B. If you do not have Part B, your premium amount may be higher. Please contact KRS if you have questions about this. For example if you have 240 months (100%) of Service Credit-Contribution, elect the KRS Premium Plan, and do not have Medicare Part B, you would still have an additional premium payment of $86.60.
2014 Medicare Plan Premiums
Available PlansMonthly Premium
Medical Only$166.00
KRS Essential$67.62
KRS Premium$212.39
KRS Pays
Service Credit% of Contribution Rate paid by KRSAmount Paid by KRS
240 months or more100 %$212.39
180-239 months75 %$159.29
120-179 months50 %$106.20
48-119 months25 %$53.10
0-47 months0 %$0.00