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 Meeting Schedule

Below is the schedule for future Board of Trustees and associated Committee meetings.

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Board Meetings
Board of Trustees4/16/2015 9:00 AMNo
Investment5/5/2015 9:00 AMNo
Audit5/7/2015 9:00 AMNo
Retiree Health Plan5/12/2015 9:00 AMNo
Human Resources5/21/2015 8:30 AMNo
Board of Trustees5/21/2015 9:00 AMNo
Investment8/25/2015 9:00 AMNo
Audit8/27/2015 9:00 AMNo
Retiree Health Plan9/3/2015 9:00 AMNo
Human Resources9/10/2015 8:30 AMNo
Board of Trustees9/10/2015 9:00 AMNo
Investment11/4/2015 9:00 AMNo
Audit11/5/2015 9:00 AMNo
Retiree Health Plan11/10/2015 9:00 AMNo
Human Resources12/3/2015 8:30 AMNo
Board of Trustees12/3/2015 9:00 AMNo
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