Reporting Officials

Each employer designates one individual as the primary Reporting Official.  The primary Reporting Official is responsible for ensuring that the monthly report is submitted correctly and on time, invoices are reviewed and paid in a timely manner, checking the monthly packet for pertinent information, and answering inquiries from KRS.  
This page contains reference information that a reporting official will need in order to effectively execute the above responsibilities.

Division Consolidation

Effective August 26, 2013 the Division of Employer Compliance and Education (ECE) and the Employer Reporting (ER) Branch of the Division of Accounting reorganized to form the Division of Employer Reporting, Compliance and Education (ERCE).  In the past ECE representatives divided the Commonwealth and each had their own counties that they were responsible for.  With the reorganization, we have established 4 teams based on reporting method: School Board, Enter Report Details (web), File, and KHRIS (employers reported by the Personnel Cabinet).  Within each team are external team members who can assist employers with any problems/issues they are having in regard to reporting, compliance, hazardous conversions, sick leave programs, etc..  Each team is also staffed with internal team members handling phone support and error resolution.  All teams will be working together to better assist employers with all aspects of reporting, compliance and education.
To accommodate the reorganization and make it easier for employers to reach their new points of contact, we have updated the Employer Hotline and created team email addresses.  Please check out our ERCE Contacts page.
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