Monthly Reporting Overview

Employers are required to report creditable compensation and contributions on a monthly basis to KRS. The detail report may be filed either by the Enter Report Details module in Employer Self Service (ESS) or by the submission of a file in the format published by KRS.   KRS 61.675 and KRS 78.625 require participating employers to forward employee/employer contributions, along with a record of those contributions, to KRS by the 10th day of the month following the period being reported.
Employers who fail to file contributions, detail contribution report and the summary by the 10th day of the month will be required to pay interest on the delinquent contributions at the actuarial rate adopted by the Board which is currently 8.00% compounded annually, subject to a minimum amount of $1000. Contributions may be submitted via debit EFT or e-check in ESS, wire, ACH or check. The summary must be submitted via ESS.
Employers have two methods by which they may submit the detail contribution information for employees:
  1. Report monthly wage and service information securely via the Enter Report Details module located on the Employer Self-Service website (recommended if the employer has less than 100 employees),
    or -
  2. Report monthly wage and service information via the submission of a file (Employer Contribution Record Layout) created by the employer and submitted electronically and securely (recommended if the employer has more than 100 employees)
For either method of detail reporting, a report template will be generated each month and be available on the Employer Self Service website. The report template for the current Report Month will be generated each month on the night of the 25th, so it is available the morning of the 26th. If the 25th is on a weekend or holiday, then it will be generated the evening of the first business day afterwards, making the template available the following morning. The primary reporting official will receive an email notification that both the new template and the monthly packet are available. The agency may submit the monthly report at any time once the templates are available through the 10th day of the following month. The employer may contact their ERCE reporting team with any questions.
Employers who have chosen to report the monthly detail information by file must have the file programmed to conform to the Employer Contribution Record Layout, located on the KRS website. Once the employer’s file is developed, it must be certified by KRS prior to reporting.

File Certification

KRS will not accept the monthly detail information by file until the file has been certified. Employers will need to contact  Employer Reporting, Compliance and Education to begin this process. Once the employer has created a detail file on their own systems in the required format, KRS should be notified that a test file will be submitted via the Test Environment. If an employer does not notify KRS, a test file will not be accepted. Once the test file has been submitted, KRS will test the file and alert the employer whether the file passed or failed the KRS certification process. When the file is certified, the employer may begin reporting contribution and service information via the detail file.
Note: The file must be certified by the 15th of the month for which the employer wishes to begin submitting the detail file. For example: if the employer wants to submit the report Month of August (due by September 10th), then the file must be certified by August 15th. Without certification, KRS will not accept a file from an employer and the employer must submit the monthly detail information via the Enter Report Details module on the Employer Self Service site.
More information regarding monthly reporting may be found in the Employer Reporting Manual and in the Personnel Cabinet Employer Reporting Manual.
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