Kentucky Retirement Systems issues all billings and credits due to an employer through electronic invoices. Invoice types include (among others) Employer Omitted, Health Insurance Reimbursement, Monthly Reporting, and Standard Sick Leave payments.  Debit invoices may be paid through the Invoices module in ESS or through the monthly Summary as part of the monthly reporting process.  For more information regarding invoices, please refer to the Invoices section in the Employer Reporting Manual.

Standard Sick Leave Invoices

KRS staff members have been working diligently to resolve outstanding calculation issues and reduce backlog that had delayed processing the standard sick leave invoicing.  The first, and largest, round of standard sick leave invoices were issued June 15, 2015.  Additional standard sick leave invoices will generate each month with the completion of open retirement recalculation audits and as new retirements are processed.  A separate invoice generates for each retired employee.  Employers can view and pay these invoices in ESS under the “Invoices” tab, or select to include with the next monthly report Summary.  For agencies that participate in the standard sick leave program, KRS bills for the actuarial difference that sick leave adds to the retirement benefit versus not having sick leave included in compensation.  You can learn more about the sick leave program in our Employer Reporting Manual.

Help with Invoices 

For questions regarding invoices, please contact KRS at 1-888-696-8810 or KRS Employer Invoice.
Please, do not include any sensitive information, such as your employee's SSN, in any email correspondence. If your request requires that you give us confidential information, call our office at 1-888-696-8810.