File Development

This page contains the reference documents necessary for employers who decide to develop a file to submit for the detail portion of the monthly report. A file is the recommended method for employers that have 100 or more employees.
The Contribution Detail File Layout​ documents the format and required information for the monthly file.  KRS will not accept the monthly detail information by file until the file has been certified. Employers will need to contact  Employer Reporting, Compliance and Education to begin this process. Once the employer has created a detail file on their own systems in the required format, KRS should be notified that a test file will be submitted via the Test Environment. If an employer does not notify KRS, a test file will not be accepted. Once the test file has been submitted, KRS will test the file and alert the employer whether the file passed or failed the KRS certification process. When the file is certified, the employer may begin reporting contribution and service information via the detail file.
Note: The file must be certified by the 15th of the month for which the employer wishes to begin submitting the detail file. For example: if the employer wants to submit the report Month of August (due by September 10th), then the file must be certified by August 15th. Without certification, KRS will not accept a file from an employer and the employer must submit the monthly detail information via the Enter Report Details module on the Employer Self Service site.
KRS has developed a sample file, as well as a key to that file, in the format expected from the Employer Contribution Record Layout. Please note that the sample file adheres to the correct naming convention provided in the File Layout. As a result, the extension on the sample file is “.KRS”.
The Download Member ID Module in Employer Self Service (ESS) allows employers to view and download the Member IDs of their employees. The Member ID field is required in the Employer Contribution Record Layout. In order for employers to report correctly, the employer should use this module to obtain the Member ID data from KRS. The Download Member ID Layout provides the layout in which the Member ID data will be exported from ESS.
The Detail Fields Descriptions document is a non-technical description of the fields in the monthly detail report. It includes definitions and situational examples that can be helpful during the development of a file.
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