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You are a member of KRS if you are employed as a regular, full-time employee of a participating agency.

Our Benefit Tiers

There are three tiers of benefit plans available to KRS members. Your tier depends on your participation date with KRS. Not sure what your participation date is? The fastest way to find out is to access Member Self Service. Your participation date is located on the Account Summary tab. You can read more about participation dates below.

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What does participation date mean?
Your participation date is when you began paying contributions and earning service credit with KRS. Please note this date may be different from when you were hired. Your participation date can change the level of benefits to which you are entitled, health insurance eligibility, and your eligibility to purchase service.
Why is my participation date different than my hire date?

Some employees are hired into positions which are classified as non-participating by KRS. If you are employed in a non-participating position, you are not eligible to pay into KRS and you do not earn service credit. A common example of this is a probationary period. CERS agencies may use a probationary period for new hires. Let’s assume you go to work for an agency with a 6 month probationary period. You will not be eligible to participate with KRS until you have served your 6 months. In this example your participation date with KRS will be 6 months from your hire date.

For a comprehensive view of all your benefits see our Summary Plan Description.
Tier 1 Plan Guide a companion publication to the KRS Summary Plan Description.
Tier 2 Plan Guide​ a companion publication to the KRS Summary Plan Description. 
Cash Balance Guide Tier 3 a companion publication to the KRS Summary Plan Description.
For a side by side comparison of all 3 tiers see our Benefit Tier Comparison Chart.
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