Logging into Self Service

Our self service site at MyRetirement.ky.gov allows you to effectively manage your account online. Before you retire, you can manage your account via Member Self Service. When you retire, you can manage your account via Retiree Self Service.

Member and Retiree Self Service

Connect to your member account

To register, you will enter your Social Security number, date of birth and PIN so we can identify your account. You will only be asked for your Social Security number during this initial registration.

Create member self-service login

We will ask you to create a User ID and Password, which you will use each time you login to your account. For additional security, you will select and answer a secret question. This answer will be used when you need to reset your User ID or Password.
When the setup steps are complete you are ready to manage your retirement account online!
The creation of a unique username and a "strong" password is a difficult task at first. To help out users, we have created an instruction sheet that can help you in the process.
We realize you may have questions about self service registration. Our Call Center staff can walk you through the registration process and answer questions about the features of our self service site. You can reach us by calling 502-696-8800 or 1-800-928-4646. Online Help is available by clicking on the GET HELP button for immediate on-screen assistance. 

Employer Self-Service

The Employer Self Service site allows access to employer reporting and employer specific functionalities. In order to access ESS, a user must have a valid login name and password, which is set up by the Employer Administrator. The Employer Administrator is designated by the Agency Head on the Form 7071, Employer Self Service Employer Administrator Account Creation Request. After signing into the site, a user will be able to access functionality based on the employer specific data and security role.
  • Member Self Service

    Click to go to the KRS Member Self Service and view your account info or calcuate your retirement benefits

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  • Retiree Self Service

    Click here to go to KRS Retiree Self-Service and view your benefit info.

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  • Employer Self Service

    ​An application that allows Agency Personnel to manage Employer accounts.

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