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The 6 KRS Mandates

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Many organizations have mission statements. KRS, on the other hand, also believes in mandates. A mandate forces us to focus on what we should be doing long-term and with our daily activities. They guide every one of our 248 employees. As the word implies, we are “mandated” to do these six things:

  1.  Strive for appropriate funding for all plans.

  2. Provide members with efficient access to information and helpful counseling to meet their individual needs.

  3. Manage the assets in accordance with each plan's needs while adding value to a passive portfolio.

  4. Communicate effectively with all constituents, while ensuring appropriate transparency.

  5. Maintain a work environment that promotes employee effectiveness, morale, retention and safety.

  6. Insist on a culture of continuous enhancement to everything we do.

As you can see, these six mandates focus on how KRS can best serve our members and provide you with your hard-earned benefits. Please help KRS help YOU by giving us suggestions to better serve our members.

Members may submit their suggestions by completing the form at the bottom of our website's Contact page.

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