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D'Juan Surratt

School Board Manager

Lisa Stivers
File/Web Team Manager
Nadine White

​KHRIS Manager 

Blaine Walker

School Board

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School Board Team

Tracy Allnutt

Bennie Good

Melinda Wofford

Karrah Bottoms

​Crystal Hughes

​Lori Wells

School Board Error Processor Contacts
School Board Error Processor ContactsSchool Board Error Processor Contacts

File and Web Team

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File and Web Team

Amanda Clark

Jamie O'Brien

Shannon Jones

​Brittney Williams

Sarah Kimes

​Katelyn Bair

​Lucie Duvall

​Crystal Sorrell


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Brenda Mathis

Angela Hawkins

Matt Guyer

​Martha Stratton

Please do not include any sensitive information, such as your employee's Social Security number, in any email correspondence. If your request requires that you give us confidential information, call our employer hotline 1-888-696-8810.

Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) has implemented the KRS Secure Email Portal, a secure email solution that protects confidential information exchanged between KRS and participating agencies.

The Secure Email Portal can be accessed here:  Secure Email Portal

The portal uses strong encryption to safeguard the confidentiality of email communications and greatly reduces the risk of costly disclosures that could put our members at risk of identity theft and other fraudulent activity.

We strongly encourage all employers to use the KRS Secure Email Portal when sending confidential information or attachments via electronic mail.  Please note that the portal should NOT be used for monthly reporting.

The KRS Secure Email Portal User Manual outlines clear, step-by-step instructions for accessing and using the portal.  You should find the portal to be simple and easy to use; however, if you have additional questions or need support please email below or call our KRS Employer Hotline at (888) 696-8810.

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