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Secretary Gerina Whethers

​Member - Disability Appeals/Administrative Appeals Committee

Member - Retiree Health Plan Committee

Governor Appointee – Ex Officio

Gerina Whethers is the Secretary of the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet. She serves as a member of both KRS Disability Appeals/Administrative Appeals Committees and the KRS Retiree Health Plan Committee.

Secretary Whethers has accumulated over 16 years in public service for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Known for creating innovative programs and services, Ms. Whethers had recently served as Executive Director for the Office of Attorney General's Senior Protection and Mediation Attorney General. She was responsible for creating this grassroots division under the leadership of Governor-Elect Andy Beshear. Prior, Ms. Whethers served as Executive Director in the Office of Victims Advocacy at the Office of the Attorney General. Before her service at the Attorney General's Office, Ms. Whethers accumulated 10 years of service working on Criminal Cases in Jefferson County. Secretary Whethers received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Louisville and her juris doctor from the Brandeis School of Law.

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