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Board of Trustees

​Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) is committed to effectively administering the programs established by the General Assembly.  The Board of Trustees provides guidance to our executive management and staff who serve more than ​​​​​​379,000 members.  Our Board strives to build the strength of the trust funds to ensure that adequate resources are available to meet all obligations, while helping members and beneficiaries achieve financial security in retirement.

2018 KRS Board Bios

2018 KRS Board Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee acts on behalf of the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control, the internal and external audit processes, and the process for monitoring compliance with laws, regulations, and the code of conduct.

John E. Chilton,  Chair
  • Joe Brothers
  • Campbell Connell
  • David Gallagher
  • Betty Pendergrass
  • David Rich

Disability Appeals/Administrative Appeals Committees

Consistent with the provisions of KRS Chapter 13B, the Disability Appeals Committees and Administrative Appeals Committees meet to act in matters of disability and administrative appeals.

  • The Disability Appeals Committees ensure that the disability retirement laws are administered impartially and uniformly and that all members who apply for disability retirement benefits, and who qualify under the applicable statutes, are approved for benefits.

  • The Administrative Appeals Committees ensure that the retirement laws are administered impartially and uniformly and that the actions of the retirement system resulting in the appeal were correct and fair under the applicable statutes and regulations.

Disabilities/Administrative Appeals Committee #1

Betty Pendergrass, Chair
  • Jerry Powell
  • Secretary Thomas B. Stephens

Disabilities/Administrative Appeals Committee #2

Keith Peercy, Chair
  • Sherry Lynn Kremer
  • Secretary Thomas B. Stephens

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee acts on behalf of the Board of Trustees on investment related matters to assure the prudent investment of the Systems’ assets to achieve the long-term funding goals established in the Board’s Statement of Investment Policy. 

Neil Ramsey, Chair
  • William S. Cook
  • Kelly Downard
  • David L. Harris
  • John R. Farris
  • Sherry Lynn Kremer
  • Matthew Monteiro
  • Keith Peercy
  • Jerry Powell

Actuarial Subcommittee

The Actuarial Subcommittee meets as necessary upon the call of the Chair of the Subcommittee.  Its purpose is to review and evaluate actuarial assumptions, funding methods and tables proposed by the actuary for each system within KRS.  The subcommittee reports its findings and recommendations to the Investment Committee and, upon review and approval, the Investment Committee forwards its recommendations to the full Board of Trustees for ratification.  

The Subcommittee's membership consists of seven (7) Trustees, as follows: three Trustees appointed by the Governor; one Trustee elected by members and retirees of the KERS;  one Trustee elected by members and retirees of the CERS; one Trustee elected by members and retirees of the SPRS; and the Chair of the Audit Committee.

David L. Harris, Chair

  • John E. Chilton
  • John R. Farris
  • Sherry Lynn Kremer
  • Keith Peercy
  • Jerry Powell
  • Neil Ramsey

Retiree Health Plan Committee

The Retiree Health Plan Committee assists the Board of Trustees in providing a group hospital and medical insurance plan for present and future recipients of a retirement allowance from KERS, CERS, and SPRS as required by KRS 61.702. 

David Rich, Chair
  • Kelly Downard
  • J.T. Fulkerson
  • Jerry Powell
  • Secretary Thomas B. Stephens

KRS Perimeter Park West, Inc. (PPW)

In October 1998, Articles of Incorporation were drafted and filed to create KRS Perimeter Park West, Inc. (PPW) for the purpose of acquiring and "... holding title to real property, collecting income therefrom, and turning over the entire amount thereof, less expenses, to one or more shareholders."  The KRS Board of Trustees is the sole shareholder and governing authority of PPW.  An annual audit of PPW is conducted by the same independent auditor hired to conduct the Systems' annual audit.  ​​

Keith Peercy, Chair
  • David Gallagher
  • Jerry Powell

Kentucky Retirement Systems: Our Six Mandates

1. Strive for appropriate funding for all plans.
2. Provide members with efficient access to information and helpful counseling to meet their individual needs.
3. Manage the assets in accordance with each plan's needs while adding value to a passive portfolio.
4. Communicate effectively with all constituents, while ensuring appropriate transparency
5. Maintain a work environment that promotes employee effectiveness, morale, and retention.
6. Insist on a culture of continuous enhancement to everything we do.

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