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Board of Trustees

​Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) is committed to effectively administering the programs established by the General Assembly.  The Board of Trustees provides guidance to our executive management and staff who serve more than ​​​​​​364,000 members.  Our Board strives to build the strength of the trust funds to ensure that adequate resources are available to meet all obligations, while helping members and beneficiaries achieve financial security in retirement.

 2017 KRS Board Committee Membership

Audit Committee

John E. Chilton,  Chair
  • W. Joe Brothers
  • David Gallagher
  • David L. Harris
  • Mary Helen Peter
  • David Rich

Disabilities/Administrative Appeals Committee #1

Betty Pendergrass, Chair
  • David Rich
  • Secretary Thomas B. Stephens

Disabilities/Administrative Appeals Committee#2 
Keith Peercy, Chair
  • Vince Lang
  • Secretary Thomas B. Stephens

​Human Resources Committee

Secretary Thomas B. Stephens, Chair
  • J.T. Fulkerson
  • Keith Peercy
  • Mary Helen Peter
  • Jerry Powell

Investment Committee

David L. Harris, Chair
  • William S. Cook
  • Kelly Downard
  • Thomas K. Elliott (non-voting)
  • John R. Farris
  • Governor Appointee #2
  • Betty Pendergrass
  • Jerry Powell
  • Neil P. Ramsey

Legislative and Budget Committee

John R. Farris, Chair
  • John E. Chilton
  • Secretary Thomas B. Stephens

Retiree Health Plan Committee 
Vince Lang, Chair
  • J.T. Fulkerson
  • Mary Helen Peter
  • Secretary Thomas B. Stephens

Perimeter Park West (PPW) 

​​​​​​​​Keith Peercy, Chair
  • Vince Lang
  • Jerry Powell
*KRS Board is sole shareholder and governing authority of PPW

Kentucky Retirement Systems Six Mandates

1. Strive for appropriate funding for all plans.

2. Provide members with efficient access to information and helpful counseling to meet their individual needs.

3. Manage the assets in accordance with each plan's needs while adding value to a passive portfolio.

4. Communicate effectively with all constituents, while ensuring appropriate transparency.

5. Maintain a work environment that promotes employee effectiveness, morale, and retention.

6. Insist on a culture of continuous enhancement to everything we do.

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