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Actuarial Subcommittee Minutes

‚ÄčThe Actuarial Subcommittee is a Subcommittee of the KRS Investment Committee, and it meets as necessary upon the call of the Chair of the Subcommittee.  Its purpose is to review and evaluate actuarial assumptions, funding methods and tables proposed by the actuary for each system within KRS. The Subcommittee reports its findings and recommendations to the Investment Committee and, upon review and approval, the Investment Committee forwards its recommendations to the full Board of Trustees for ratification. 

The Subcommittee's membership consists of seven (7) Trustees, as follows: three Trustees appointed by the Governor; one Trustee elected by members and retirees of the KERS;  one Trustee elected by members and retirees of the CERS; one Trustee elected by members and retirees of the SPRS; and the Chair of the Audit Committee.


All documents prior to 2013 have been archived and are available upon request. In addition, alternate formats of these materials may be made available upon request.  Persons with hearing and speech impairments can contact KRS by using the Kentucky Relay Service, a toll-free telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD). For voice to TDD, call 800-648-6057. For TDD to voice, call 800-648-6056.

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